Electric Vehicles – The Future?

By Anthony Jones / December 12, 2017

  If you have been thinking of getting an electric/hybrid car then you need to consider how you will charge the vehicle at home or work.  You may already have…

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Electrical Safety in The Home at Christmas

By Anthony Jones / December 3, 2017

Your local electrician has put together a few tips and videos to keep you safe in your home this Christmas. Keep you and your families safe this Christmas by taking…

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Fake and Counterfiet Electrical Items

By Anthony Jones / November 19, 2017

Fake and Counterfeit Electrical Items if the price is (almost) right, it’s probably fake Some fakes are for sale just below the recommended retail value, hoodwinking shoppers that are too…

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When Did You Last Check Your Fuseboard?

By Anthony Jones / October 24, 2017

What does a fuseboard do? Your fuseboard, or to give it the proper name your Consumer Unit, Is the electrical hub of your home. It distributes electricity to your lights,…

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We are recruiting a new Electrician

By Anthony Jones / October 14, 2017

  ELECTRICIAN WANTED We are currently looking for an electrician to join our expanding team. Wandle Electrical Services is based in Wallington and the majority of our work is local,…

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Is your homes earthing and bonding up to scratch?

By Anthony Jones / September 3, 2017

FREE EARTHING AND BONDING CHECK IN WALLINGTON SM6 AND CARSHALTON SM5 Earthing and bonding is a less ‘glamorous’ aspect of the work an electrician carries out in your home.  None…

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Thinking About Downlights, Take a Look at Our Guide

By Anthony Jones / March 2, 2017

Recessed Downlight   Recessed downlights are a versatile light source for homes and offices. They can fulfil any of the three main lighting roles: general lighting, task lighting, and accent…

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Do you need a rewire?

By Anthony Jones / March 1, 2017

    Do you need a rewire? If you are looking at this page then it’s likely that you have been advised or you have realised you may need a…

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A Brighter Outlook: Tips on Safe and Effective Garden Lighting

By Anthony Jones / February 27, 2017

  I get asked a lot of questions this time of year regarding garden lighting.   Garden lighting takes two general forms.  The first is a functional light like a security…

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6 Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Energy Bills

By Anthony Jones / January 22, 2017

      Thud! That was the sound of the Christmas credit card bill hitting the door mat.  This time of year most of us are not feeling flush after…

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Christmas Overload

By Anthony Jones / December 11, 2016

Christmas is often a time of excess, when credit cards, stockings, belts, sleighs and of course, you’ve guessed it, your electrical sockets get overloaded. Most houses in the UK don’t…

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Christmas Lights and Your Electrical Safety

By Anthony Jones / November 28, 2016

Electricity can kill. Each year, around 70 people are killed and 350,000 seriously injured due to an electrical accident in the home. During the Christmas period the risk is heightened…

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