6 Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Energy Bills




Thud! That was the sound of the Christmas credit card bill hitting the door mat.  This time of year most of us are not feeling flush after the expense of the Christmas period.  With this in mind please find my 5 tips for reducing your electrical energy consumption.  These will not only help you save money they will make your home become less of a burden on the planet:

1, Switch off (at the socket) any appliances that aren’t in use. Did you know that appliances on standby still use a reasonable amount of power.

2, Appliances: When it’s time to buy a new appliance look for the most efficient type.


3, Lighting :

-turn it off when not in use. Consider using sensors to switch off lights in unused areas.

-use natural light as much as possible.

-Switch to energy saving LED lamps.


3, Hot Water.  If you heat your water using an electric immersion heater then simply try and use less hot  water.  In the winter months the cost of heating very cold water can be eye watering.  Many customers have had timers fitted so they are in control of when immersion is on/off.   If you have a power shower


4, Heating and insulation.  Modern electric heaters are reasonably efficient, if you have an old electric heating system ugrading to a modern system could save you £££s in the long run.  Any improvements you can make to the insulation of your home should reduce your heating bills.  In the short term turning the thermostat down a degree or 2 and popping a jumper on will help.

5,Electricity Suppliers . Perhaps the best way to save £££’s on electricity is to make sure you are on the best deal from your supplier. The UK government wants all UK homes to have a smart meter by 2020.  Once we all have one of these we can become much more savvy in our approach to using electric energy.

6,Old wiring and fuseboards. Old wiring with poor connections and accessories can use more power through arcing and heat build up. If you would like a free visual inspection on your electrical installation to assess its age and condition please call Anthony on 020 8914 8297 or email Anthony@wandle-elec.co.uk.


I hope you found blog of use, if you have any questions please email Anthony@wandle-elec.co.uk or post them below


This blog was written by Anthony Jones of Wandle Electrical Services.


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