Fault Finding

We routinely locate and repair electrical faults in customers’ homes and businesses across Wallington, Carshalton, Sutton and Croydon. Faults occur in all types and age of properties causing nuisance, stress and inconvenience. Our extensive experience in fault finding and repair means that we can get you up and running as quickly as possible. Once on site our engineers will:

  Use the information available to locate the fault .
•  Use our testing equipment to pin-point the exact problem and its cause.
•  Explain the problem and best course of action to the customer.
•  Repair the fault.

Aj Wandle Electricians

Charged at an hourly rate

We will give you a quote before commencing any subsequent repair work.

Typical faults are:
Tripped RCD switches    Burnt out sockets
Burnt out lamp holders   Sparking from switches and sockets
Water in outside lights & fittings    Damaged cables
Damaged accessories   Downlights with heat damage
High electricity bills caused by arcing and sparking

The symptoms of electrical faults include heat, sparks, arcing, burning and fishy smells. More advanced faults cause tripping of the circuits protective devices. If left, these symptoms will damage the electrical installation and possibly lead to situations where the user is at risk of shock or fire.

Wandle Electrical Services are registered domestic installers, and all work carried out complies with current IET Regulations, is Part ‘P’ compliant, fully insured and guaranteed.