Christmas Overload

Christmas is often a time of excess, when credit cards, stockings, belts, sleighs and of course, you’ve guessed it, your electrical sockets get overloaded.

Most houses in the UK don’t have enough power points.  Let’s face it our usage of electrical appliances and gadgets has gone through the roof in the last 15-20 years.  In lots of the houses I visit the following is a common site:


Plug splitters and extension leads can easily be overloaded, leading to increased load on connections that are not designed to cope with too many appliances.  Take a look at my video on the safe use of extension leads and splitters:

Guests at Christmas often bring their own additional electrical requirements: mobile phone chargers, hair dryers, I pads/laptops etc.  New presents require power or batteries of the rechargeable type, leading to further overload of your power points.

Fitting extra sockets is an option and if you are redecorating /refurbishing considering your future electrical needs is a good idea.

If you need a short term solution, sockets with USB adaptors are a great idea, allowing mobile phones, ipads etc can be charged at the same time as 2 other devices.   Please see my video on how to change a normal socket for a USB socket.  If you are not comfortable doing this then please give your local electrician a call. Take a look at my video on how to change a normal socket to a USB socket

If you have any questions about electrical safety then please email



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