Using Electric Garden Tools Safely

-When using garden power tools it is important to keep the cables, connections and plugs free from damage.
-Buy a good-quality garden power tools from a well known manufacturer.
-Follow manufacturers’ instructions closely.
-When using hedge trimmers wear gloves and goggles
-Check that the socket-outlet has RCD protection or the main house Consumer unit has an RCD.
-Do not cut grass in wet conditions.
-Test the RCD using its test button unless you are certain that the RCD has been tested within the last 3 months.
-Wear shoes that protect your feet (not sandals).
-Keep children well away from the appliance/tool.
-Unplug the lawn mower and wait until the blades have stopped turning before doing anything like cleaning grass blockages. Similarly unplug the hedge trimmer before removing jammed hedge trimmings.
-Also : Take care if you are digging in the garden – electric, gas and water services may be buried below.


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