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Please find our guide on rewiring your home below.  We do lots of rewires in the Wallington, Coulsdon, Croydon, Purley, Carshlalton and Sutton areas.  We are a small professional and friendly electrical contactor based in Wallington.  All of our rewire work is done by our in house team, we do not subcontract the work out.  We are fully insured over the industry norm.  We are registered with NAPIT so we can sign off our work and directly notify it to building control.  For your peace of mind we are registered with Trustmark, Sutton Safe trader scheme and Checkatrade.

Please read the guide below to get a full idea on what to expect and how to plan for a rewire.

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Planning a House Rewire

This Help sheet provides information about planning an electrical rewire.

A rewire is a big, messy, and often expensive job and needs to be planned properly by the contractor and householder.

What Is a Rewire?

A rewire replaces some or all the electrical wiring of a house.

A ‘rewire’ is rarely just a rewire; householders often replace, or add, electrical items, for instance sockets, light switches, and fuse boards.


How will a rewire effect the householder?

In many cases the electrician will need to gain access through the floorboards to run wiring underneath the floors. This will mean taking up carpets and other flooring materials. It’s not an easy, clean, or tidy task in the majority of cases.

One of the messiest jobs involves chasing out the walls to provide room to accommodate the new cabling. Imagine chasing out a channel along the middle of just one wall in your home. Imagine the amount of dust and dirt this would create. Now imagine the same thing happening in virtually every room in your home. This is what could happen when you require a full property rewire.

Some people decide to move out while the work is being done. If you have recently bought a house that needs rewiring, it’s certainly better to get the work done before you think about moving in. This will also get the messy job done out of the way before you start thinking about decorating.

When having an electrical rewire you may want to consider:

  • Outside/Garden Power and lighting
  • Kitchens – what appliances are needed, hot water taps, under cabinet lights, heat lights, feature lights
  • Under floor heating in bathrooms, kitchens etc.
  • Central Heating and hot water electrical supply
  • Loft lights
  • Data and Ethernet cables
  • Security Alarms
  • Smoke and heat alarms
  • Anything else electrical your heart desires!



A house rewire is only done about once every 20-30 years so plan ahead.

Write Down What You Require

Make a list of the appliances you expect to have (run) in each room, including garages and sheds. The list can form the basis of discussions with the electrician.

Take each room in turn and look what you have in the room now and think what you will want in the future. Some examples:

“I want to use my PC and TV in the spare bedroom.”

“I want to have 2 bedside lights, a TV and 2 digital alarm clocks in the bedroom.”

“I want to connect 3 games consoles to the internet in the living room.”

“I want phone lines in the kitchen, one for the telephone and some for future ‘connected’ electrical appliances.”

Think about ‘IT infrastructure’ for instance home PC networks, telephones and game boxes that connect to the internet. The future will see more home networking and more appliances that connect to the internet.

You can then discuss, with the electrician, how to carry out the requirements.


Additional Items

Extra items added during a rewire will cost extra so bear this in mind and keep tabs on what you are adding and how much it costs.


It’s important to know how much redecoration will be likely to be needed post rewire.  Most electricians will fill over chases and holes with a bonding coat or filler.  This is then ready for a plasterer or decorator to finish.


How do you choose the right electrician? Do some research:

Does the electrician have a website? Does the website look professional or amateurish? A ‘professional’ website suggests a ‘professional’ electrician.

What local electricians are members of trade organisations, for instance NAPIT, Trust mark etc. Membership of a trade organisation is a good sign.

Is the electrician in a ‘Safe trader scheme’?


Get a proper fully itemised quote

This states what is and what isn’t included in the rewire. The householder and the electrician have to know what the rewire does and doesn’t include.

Does the quote include:

Parts, for instance light switches and electrical sockets?

Basic redecoration? A rewire will mean making holes in walls and ceilings.

A clean up? A rewire is a messy job.

Moving furniture?

Lifting and replacing carpets?

Post rewire electrical test and inspection? A house will need an electrical test and inspection after the rewire.


If you need any help with your rewire contact Wandle Electrical Services.  We offer a completely free no obliagtion quotation.

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