How To Prepare For A Power Cut

You may have read or heard in the media that power network providers are stopping all non -essential maintenance to the National Grid as engineers become ill and self isolate.
Less staff may mean faults and power outages on the grid may take longer to fix. It’s worth taking a few minutes now to prepare for any (God forbid!) power cuts. The power networks have written to vulnerable customers and advised them to take the following precautions to prepare for a power cut:

  • Make sure you have torch(es) handy with charged up batteries.
  • Make sure you have warm clothing available as your gas and electric heating will be affected in a power cut.
  • In the event of a power cut Keep medicines and food as cool as possible. Try not to open fridges and freezers unnecessarily.
  • Trap heat by drawing curtains and closing doors.
  • Keep your mobile phone and any laptops/tablets charged. You may ned these to call for help or get an update. If you have a power bank keep that charged too.

If you are unlucky enough to have a power cut then you can call 105 to get an update on when power is likely to be restored.

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