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We get asked a lot of questions this time of year regarding outdoor power and lighting.  Below are some hints and tips:

  • Make sure all outdoor power circuits are RCD protected.
  • Buy good quality electrical outdoor lighting equipment from a reputable stockist.
  • Make sure any outdoor lights are weatherproof.
  • Ensure light fittings used in water features are waterproof.
  • Check regularly for damaged lighting fittings, cables and connections.
  • Keep maintained and free from leaves and dirt.
  • Before changing any lamps, make sure you switch off the power supply.

Electrical work to gardens is notifiable by this I mean you need to formally tell your local authority what you have had done.  If you use a registered electrician they will do this for you.  If you do it yourself or use an unregistered person you will need to pay your local Building Regs dept to test it and sign it off.

If things go wrong….

One of the most common call outs we get in the Wallington and Carshalton area is the RCD tripping on the garden circuit.  The reasons for this are varied: ingress of water, foxes/squirrels chewing cables, slugs in juncton boxes to name a few.

Your local  registered Electrician will have the equipment to find the faults and repair them.

I hope this is useful and please do let me know at if you have any questions.





If any faults are found, switch off the electrical supply immediately, and have them repaired by a registered electrician.

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