Are solar panels worth it?

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Solar panels are a renewable source of energy that can:

  1. Save you significant money on your energy bills and
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

It’s an investment that will pay for itself over time. In general terms it is almost always worth it.

But it’s effectiveness depends on various factors.  As a sensible person you probably want to know what that actually means for you. How quickly can you recoup your initial costs?.

The easiest way to find out if solar panels are worth it for you is…

Get a survey done by your local MCS registered solar panel installer!

Most companies will do a pre-survey remotely.  It will give you an indication if the property is suitable and an idea of how much power would be generated and the “payback” time.


Payback refers to the amount of time it takes for the savings on your energy bills to equal the cost of the solar panel system It is calculated using the MCS formulas as part of your quote. It is probably the most  important consideration when deciding whether (and how much) to invest in solar panels.

MCS are very strict on how this is calculated. The calculations will show how much energy your proposed installation should produce and how much of your current electricity energy usage would be covered by this.

Simply, if a solar panel system costs £10K  and it saves you £2K per year on your energy bills, it will take 5 years for the system to pay for itself.

If you opt for a home battery (EESS)  we will also give you an indication of the payback time for the battery.

A simple example of solar panel costs

A small 6 panel installation and inverter would be around £6k (exc. vat) installed. This does not include scaffolding. As you have more panels and a battery the costs of the install will go up.

For a solar PV system and a battery supply and installation would start at Circa £11k (exc. vat and scaffolding).

I’m trying to give an idea of costs here without being to0 vague but I would encourage at least a remote survey to get an accurate picture.
(Costs accurate in Nov 2022)


If you want to find out if solar panels are worth for you (and you are in the area listed below) please do contact me on 020 8914 8297 or email .  We are never pushy!  See our reviews:

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